7 Ways to Keep Avian Flu Out

Avian influenza (AI), also known as “bird flu”, presents a significant threat to poultry producers worldwide. AI can be caused by multiple different strains of Avian Influenza A virus, which may be classified as highly pathogenic (HPAI) or low pathogenic (LPAI) based on the severity of disease that the virus causes[1,2]. While LPAI often causes few or no symptoms, HPAI outbreaks can be devastating to poultry producers, causing widespread destruction to flocks and major business impacts as a result[1,2]. AI infections in humans are uncommon, but can occur, particularly among people working closely with poultry. As such, rigorous biosecurity is critical to protect poultry and people from the health and economic consequences that an AI outbreak would bring.

In the case of Avian Flu, a key element of biosecurity involves preventing the virus from entering poultry flocks, which can be accomplished with a few strategies:

  1. Avoid contact with wild birds by controlling the environment. Clean up spilled feed and remove standing water near barns.
  2. Maintain strict control over access to your premises and poultry houses. Limit access and premises to essential personnel only. All visitors are to be documented in a log book.
  3. All staff and visitors are to follow biosecurity practices of changing clothing and footwear or wearing disposable coveralls and booties. Ensure that proper handwashing is part of entry and exit procedures.
  4. Clothing should be laundered on a regular basis, and changing areas should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  5. Maintain the highest sanitation standards, ensuring that all poultry premises are cleaned and disinfected as required.
  6. Make sure all equipment is cleaned and disinfected before taking it into poultry
    houses. It is recommended that trailers and equipment to handle and haul poultry be inspected before entry to the premises (Learn how to clean and disinfect your truck with Prevail here).
  7. Avoid sharing equipment between different areas, and equipment that will be used in multiple areas needs be cleaned and disinfected.

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