What Pathogens does Prevail Kill?

What pathogens does Prevail Concentrate kill? Does it kill the Avian Flu Virus or ASFv?
What pathogens do Prevail RTU/Wipes kill?

Product Safety

Are Prevail Disinfectants safe?
Sometimes when I apply Prevail it makes me cough. Is it safe?


Is personal protective equipment (PPE) required while using Prevail?
Where can I find foamers, mixing stations or other approved accessories/equipment for Prevail?

General Questions

Can I add other products like detergent or bleach to Prevail?
What is Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®?
What is the difference between Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) and regular hydrogen peroxide?

How to Use Prevail

What surfaces and equipment can Prevail Disinfectants be used on?
How do I use Prevail Concentrate?
Do I need to rinse surfaces after using Prevail?

Storage and Disposal

How should I store Prevail?
How can I dispose of my Prevail if it is expired?
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